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Faster to Market

Speed to market is not always the top priority. When it is, it’s good to know that EBW Electronics can quickly and smoothly support higher production volumes.

We practice an Agile approach to project and production management, including using the Master Scheduling model that assures your production needs are represented on the production floor. Your APICS-certified Master Scheduler reports directly to you and assures on time planning, scheduling, coordinating, and monitoring of products throughout the production cycle.

The EBWE “design for manufacturing” approach shortens the time-to-market by up to 40% [3]. Shortening the product development time can help to significantly reduce the cost of producing an electronic product. This is usually achieved by employing “design for manufacturing” principles such as eliminating complex manufacturing processes, using standard components, using electronic subassemblies, and so on. Reducing the product development time can help you get your products to the market faster. Our engineers work to shorten the product development cycle. It is, therefore, critical to engage them as soon as your initial design is ready.

The EBWE philosophy is to consistent expansion of production lines, both in brand and capabilities. While we continuously enhance our technology, we also build on our past successes by intentionally replicating lines, allowing for quick changeover if needed. We cross-train our staff for flexibility.

We maintain a rigid, First-In, First-Out inventory process, assuring greater control of traceability.

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