Single Source Design, Engineering and Contract Electronic Manufacturing

EBWE offers you a single source for OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 contract electronic manufacturing. Our total team focus on design, engineering, manufacturing, project and supply chain management is delivered under an umbrella of world-class quality.

We prototype your product on the same high-volume, automated circuit board and component production lines that will ultimately build your final product. This assures reality-based preparedness prior to production. From electronics design to on-time delivery, we are focused intently on quality. You deserve the best electrical products for your investment, and we are confident in our abilities to meet or exceed your expectations.

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EBW Electronics Design and Engineering

Using lean manufacturing principles and the goal of creating cost-effective, quality electronics assemblies, the EBW Electronics team delivers products on time and at very competitive pricing.

Electronics design is an area of our expertise. When you come to us with an idea, you will quickly gain a high level of confidence in our abilities. Our complete electronics design services, including software, circuit design and PCB design, implemented by our experienced and talented team, make sure of that.

We’ll get your product designed for manufacturing, including component specification and sourcing, and soon enough, what was once an idea in your head becomes a reality.


Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services for Circuit Board, LED and Electronic Assemblies

Our electronic manufacturing services starts with a design process that integrates with manufacturing to ensure ways to keep production costs as low as possible using lean principles. We currently have the capacity to place 40 million components per week using high-speed, automated equipment.

Because the EBWE design and engineering teams have input on our manufacturing process, your electronic, LED and circuit board products are manufactured in a high quality, efficient and economical manner. In addition, our multiple, high speed production lines provide us with the flexibility needed to meet your changing needs.

Selected Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Through-hole and mixed technology manufacturing
  • Double-sided assemblies
  • Flexible printed circuit board assemblies
  • Components up to 55mm square, 25mm tall and down to 01005
  • BGA placement
  • Automated optical inspection
  • X-ray imaging system
  • Automated selective soldering
  • Automated conformal coating
  • Any volume, mix and complexity
  • In-circuit and functional tests
  • Microcontroller programming

Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

Our global supply base is one of our greatest strengths, and we excel at providing a full turnkey operation for your products. Our team is led by supply chain professionals that determine the best strategic procurement, logistics, and scheduling to give you exceptional cost, service, and quality.

We have built a diverse network of long-term relationships with suppliers with proven records of success. Our network is not limited to electronics and includes world-class suppliers of metals, plastics, and services.

The world of electronics can seem complicated and carries risk of long lead times for components. At EBWE, we mitigate this risk by constant evaluation of the market and communication with our suppliers. Our suppliers receive forecasts weekly, loaded with 26 weeks of data that empowers them to plan and confirm you will have the material for your products when you need them.

When you work with EBWE, you will get a dedicated Master Scheduler. The Master Scheduler is responsible for the daily scheduling of the materials and plant operations to build your product. When you contact them for status or an expedite, they will know the status of the supply chain and are best suited to give you a prompt answer. Not only is this lean and efficient, but our team knows what it’s like to be a customer.

EBWE navigates the global supply chain by vetting vendors for quality, availability and workforce environment.
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A Commitment to Quality

A Commitment to Quality

Toward Zero Defect Electronic Manufacturing

Quality is of the utmost importance at EBW Electronics. Our printed circuit boards and electronic components appear in many different applications and industries, but the focus on quality is consistent in everything we do. This focus begins the first time we talk to you and is expected of our team through the production process and beyond. The entire EBW Electronics team is committed to quality and attention to detail before all else.

Quality Certifications

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified Quality System
  • IPC610 Trained Staff
  • TS 16949 (in process)