Electronic Systems and Assemblies

LED Lighting, Control Systems, High Density PCBAs

Our capabilities are extensive. Located in West Michigan on 16 acres, our 71,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is designed specifically for high volume electronic production. Designated as a class 7 cleanroom, our production area features ESD floors, positive air flow and isolated corrugated material. We currently have the capacity to place 40 million components per week using high-speed, automated equipment.

Our high speed SMT lines and three shift production teams provide the flexibility and responsiveness needed to meet your changing needs. We anticipate and welcome expansion plans. As your strategic partners, EBW Electronics can bring extensive resources into the relationship. Specifically, EBW Electronics is well capitalized to invest in new equipment needed to manufacture your new product. It can be a win/win situation. APTEC (Accurate Placement Technology for Electronic Components) is EBWE’s proprietary process that addresses headlight beam accuracy. This technology, and the new equipment required for production, was an investment made by EWBE to meet a customer’s specific needs.

  • 10 SMT lines; high capacity, extensive capability
  • 4 robotic systems
  • Through-hole and mixed technology manufacturing
  • Double-sided assemblies
  • Flexible printed circuit board assemblies
  • Components up to 55mm square,
    25mm tall and down to 01005
  • BGA placement
  • Nitrogen solder delivery
  • Automated selective soldering
  • Automated conformal coating
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Polyimide Flex Circuits to 24″ long

The outsourced manufacturing model enables our customers to access mechatronics experts, leading manufacturing technologies, leverage existing resources globally, lower costs, adjust quickly to market demand and decrease investment in fixed capital. Our mechatronics expertise has driven our manufacturing; we have grown our enginnering staff and our robotic capabilities to fulfill the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science within product design and the transition to manufacturing.

Partner with EBWE for strategic benefits:

  1. Improve product design and quality
  2. Decrease time to market
  3. Identify alternative component materials
  4. Reduce costs
  5. Realize economies of scale
  6. Streamline production
  7. Leverage our capital expenditures

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