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Our innovative solutions range from solving system level challenges to optimizing materials efficiency, ease of assembly, weight reduction and production efficiency. Our engineering and manufacuring team is committed to helping you turn your idea into a high quality, profitable product.

From concept stage to completion, we blend innovation and expertise to provide our customers with top quality circuit boards and electronic assemblies at cost effective prices. In addition, we use high grade materials and stringent testing processes to ensure that our products meet the challenging requirements of our industrial clients.

APTEC™ (Accurate Placement Technology)

As a leader in LED application innovation, EBW Electronics developed APTEC™ (Accurate Placement Technology) used in electronic manufacturing of custom forward lighting and rear lighting LED components.  APTEC provides an added measure of accuracy in LED lighting systems, aiding in TIER One and OEM compliance of safety regulations, such as those governing Daytime Running Lights and Adaptive Front Light Systems.

Flexible Circuit Boards

Flexible circuit boards are mostly used in products with space constraints such as mobile phones, notebooks, medical devices, and wearable electronic devices. LED flexible circuit boards are small, soft, light, thin, and ductile. They are, therefore, suitable for products with moving parts such as printers and scanners. In addition, these circuit boards can accommodate a higher wiring density than most conventional circuit boards. Flexible circuit board offer design freedom that cannot be achieved using conventional circuit boards. Furthermore, a single flexible circuit board can be used in place of multiple rigid boards thereby providing opportunities for cutting the cost of manufacturing. Flexible circuit boards also have higher tolerance to high temperatures as compared to rigid boards.

Rigid-Flex Printed Board

In a rigid-flex printed board, rigid and flexible substrates are combined to form a single package. In most cases, multiple flexible circuit boards are attached to a rigid board to form a complex rigid-flex circuit board. These circuit boards provide improved performance and reliability. Their partial flexibility makes them a suitable choice for use in mobile phones, wearable electronic products, and consumer electronic products. One rigid-flex circuit board can be used in place of multiple rigid boards in an application. Use of rigid-flex printed board technology enables us to reduce the packaging weight and cut the cost of manufacturing.

High Density Interconnect (HDI) Technology

HDI technology produces LED circuit boards that are condensed to allow ruggedness and high performance. This cutting edge technology enables us to achieve a wiring density that is higher than that of a conventional circuit board. HDI technology uses laser vias, smaller capture pads, higher connection pad density, and finer lines. In addition, the compactness of the product enhances the speed of transmission of signals.

High Layer Count PCB Technology

Some applications demand circuits that are capable of offering high signal quality and high immunity to interference. The high layer count technology is used to produce complex, high reliability, and high performance circuit boards. This breakthrough technology is used in the production of high performance circuit boards for a broad array of applications including high speed servers, supercomputing systems, and commercial electronics.

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