Mechatronic System Design

Original Product & Collaborative Design Services

The design phase is one of the most critical stages in the development of any product. Research shows that approximately 80% of the total cost of manufacturing a product is determined during the concept and design phase, and by the time a product is ready for production, approximately 95% of the total cost of production has already been built into it.

EBW Electronics’ design for manufacturing service gives special consideration to the manufacturability of your product, ensuring that it is produced in the most cost effective way. This approach also aims to reduce the product development time, and to ensure that the products are of high quality and reliability.

By utilizing various cost saving opportunities such as reducing the number of parts, using multi-functional parts, standardizing parts, reducing separate fasteners, minimizing assembly directions, and so on, we make cost-saving opportunities available at each step in the process.

Minimize The Total Number Of Component

Minimizing the total number of parts helps to reduce inventory, purchasing, equipment, testing and so on. It also helps to reduce process and development time.

Use Multifunctional Parts

Using multifunctional parts reduces the total number of parts required. This principle helps cut the total cost of production.

Use Standard Parts

Standard parts are more readily available and less expensive than custom-made parts. Standard parts are also less likely to fail compared to custom-made parts.

Reduce The Number Of Fasteners

Fasteners can significantly increase the cost and lower the efficiency of manufacturing a product. Reducing the number of fasteners used directly contributes to the bottom line.

Simplify Fabrication

The overall cost of manufacturing an electronic product such as a printed circuit board can be reduced by employing processes that allow for easy fabrication.

Select A Process That Allows For Ease Of Assembly

Reduce the assembly directions and select a process that enhances speed of assembly.


EBW Electronics offers you a ‘one roof’ solution to electronic component design, manufacturing, validation and supply chain management. Our value to OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers has proven superior to the traditional silo sourcing to ECMs. That’s because in the end, when your assembly or component leaves our facility, it does so as a solution to your system-level challenges and not just a build-to-bid part.
Our team focus to your project is delivered to you under an umbrella of world-class performance that we call Symmetri.

Symmetri is best described in three
well-defined qualities of EBWE:

1. Single source mechatronic design plus high-volume manufacturing
2. State-of-the-art US manufacturing facility
3. Willingness to invest in new technology required to produce an innovative solution

Identify Alternative Component Materials

As an experienced buyer, both in the US and overseas, EBW Electronics is uniquely positioned to make recommendations for alternative component materials with greater availability, better functionality, and/or lower cost. We can identify alternatives or replacements for sole-source products or products that are at risk of becoming obsolete, further improving the time-to-market and lowering costs.

Streamline Production

Our experience often leads to ways to reduce the number of component parts and/or production steps. For example, in a recent engagement, EBW Electronics drew on its manufacturing experience to help the OEM design simplicity into automotive indicators, reducing the number of production steps and saving nearly 50 percent on assembly costs.

We encourage our customers to pursue design as a joint venture or consider EBWE as your electronics ODM. We can identify the most appropriate level of involvement in the design phase based on your goals and the nature of the new product.

Advantages Of EBW Electronics As Your Strategic Partner

  1. Improve product design and quality
  2. Decrease time to market
  3. Identify alternative component materials
  4. Reduce costs
  5. Realize economies of scale
  6. Streamline production
  7. Leverage our capital expenditures

Start Your Solution

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