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In global electronics markets, our expertise in engineering, system design and manufacturing provides one-roof value in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets. The sooner you engage EBWE, more efficient your path to success will be. 

LED Lighting Products

High volume manufacturing processes are core to our foundation and have served EBW Electronics very well in the light-emitting diode (LED) market. We offer experience and expertise in systems requiring drivers, thermal management, placement accuracy, size restrictions for LED products. When companies need to integrate LEDs into new or existing products, they come to us.

Selected Products

  • 120VAC to low-voltage circuits
  • Dimming control
  • Current control
  • Low-voltage supply for other circuitry
  • Getting projects through UL and compliant with the FCC

OEM and TIER 1 Automotive Electronics

EBW Electronics’ presence in the automotive electronics and lighting market is comprehensive and can be found both inside and outside a wide variety of vehicles. We make electronics that appear in the vehicles of almost every major automotive company. Because we’re so entrenched in the automotive world, we place very high expectations on ourselves. We service PPAP, PFMEA, IMDS and APQP requirements every day.

Selected Products

  • External lighting (CHMSL, taillights and day-time running lights)
  • Internal lighting (door handle, footwell and badge lights for sill plates)
  • Interior and external electronic control devices (self-dimming mirrors, blind spot indicators)

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LED Lighting, Controls and Assemblies

EBW Electronic products also service the office furniture, indoor track lights, municipal street lights, parking lot, high-bay lights and various industrial control devices.

EBW Electronics is the answer when your electronic product needs technology and supplier integration. Before you release your products to consumers, you want to know everything is right, and when you partner with our team, you know lighting won’t be an issue.

light in office
plants with LED light
operating room

Selected Office Furniture Lighting

  • Underbin products
  • Freestanding
  • Desktop systems
  • Linear LED systems

Agricultural Grow Lighting

Our mechatronic expertise in thermal management, color, lumens and drivers makes EBWE a qualified partner in grow lighting and aquaculture systems.

Commercial Products

  • High-reliability auto-dimming welding masks
  • Construction equipment (hoists, lift trucks)
  • Medical lighting 
  • Street, emergency and parking structure lighting

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Specifying LEDs for
Electronic Assemblies

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