Making the Lives of People Better

Market Leadership and Organic Growth

Originally part of a larger company, EBW Electronics is a widely respected expert in electronics design and manufacturing, and continues to evolve with the times while staying true to its family atmosphere.

We seek and hire the best talent that puts forth the effort needed to satisfy every customer. Our team approach and desire for quality keeps us working toward the same goal: Efficient manufacturing of high quality products.

Green Initiatives

We take special interest in the environment and are always looking for new ways to make a positive impact by improving our environmental initiatives.

Just a few of the initiatives we’ve put in place:
  • Recycling (factory materials and office supplies, including plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, shrinkwrap)
  • RoHS-compliant production (with the goal of eliminating lead)
  • Installing energy-efficient reflow soldering ovens and pick-and-place equipment
  • Converting office lights to LED
  • Lowering compressed-air consumption
  • Cutting energy consumption in half by using fluorescent lighting in the plant
  • Installing LED lighting in the parking lot and on signage
  • Adding windows for natural lighting

The EBW Electronic Management Team

Pat LeBlanc

Pat LeBlanc

Cory Steeby

Cory Steeby

Tom Clark

Tom Clark

Dennis Hawver

Dennis Hawver

Director of Engineering

Our Passion Statement

We live by our Passion Statement:
Making the lives of people better…
Every shift
Every design
Every shipment


Strategic Investments to Ensure Your Future Production Needs

We invest in building the best in people and in our production systems. Our business model is to build for the future. The global demand for LED-printed circuit board assemblies has exceeded production capacity in the U.S., except at EBW Electronics. We have purchased enough land for a 250,000 sq.ft. production facility in a well-supported, thriving, West Michigan industrial complex. Now, while planning our 5th expansion, our goal is to stay ahead of demand while delivering 100% tested assemblies on time and on budget. In 2013, EBW Electronics entered the Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Companies…and we’ve been on that list ever since.