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Given the rapid changing technology landscape, many companies elect to outsource a new product in its entirety —design, manufacturing, fulfillment and support. EBWE steps in to fulfill this role as an ODM, Original Design Manufacturer. The ODM relationship allows a well-branded company to focus on sales and marketing of its products while the ODM assumes responsibility for design and manufacturing.

The ODM model is growing in popularity, yet a limited number of EMS providers can truly design, produce and manage a standalone product. EBWE offers a holistic industry experience of improving customers’ designs, troubleshooting manufacturing issues, finding cost savings through efficiency. Notably, the mechatronic design methodology is based on a concurrent, instead of sequential, approach to discipline design, resulting in products with more synergy.

The Collaborative Opportunity

Involving EBW Electronics in the product design phase can be a critical decision in a successful product launch, and also can lead to significant savings through lifetime production. Studies have shown that approximately 80% of the total cost of producing a product is determined during the concept and design phase. This is especially true in the rapidly evolving applications of LED and LED components.

Our collaboration can yield surprising improvements. Once given the ability to influence product specifications, EBW Electronics can design components and processes to better meet your needs for functionality and quality, resulting in lower defect rates and more reliable, durable products. We can also accelerate your time to market by suggesting ways to use standard or off-the-shelf items in place of custom or semi-custom components.

Our ODM customer engagement model includes:

New Project Initiation

  • Overall project discussion
  • Exact definitions of product specifications
  • Costs and timetable estimates

Research and Design

  • Develop concept and functionality
  • Create a virtual product model


  • Develop 3D functional product models for research and testing
  • Prototype PCB design for testing luminosity


  • Identify and negotiate volume pricing with vendors
  • Assure redundant supply chain


  • Manufacturing at ISO and
  • Production assembly

Quality Control/Assurance

  • End of Line Validation
  • 100% full function tests

Service and Support

  • Logistic services
  • After-sales support

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