Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) include electronic design, value engineering and PCB validation, circuit board product development, electronic assemblies, and LED lighting
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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services for
Circuit Board, LED and Electronic Assemblies

ebw electronicsOur electronic manufacturing services starts with a design process that integrates with manufacturing to ensure ways to keep production costs as low as possible using lean principles. We have the capacity to place 40 million components per week using high-speed, automated equipment.

Because the EBWE design and engineering teams have input on our manufacturing process, your electronic, LED and circuit board products are manufactured in a high quality, efficient and economical manner. In addition, our multiple, high speed production lines provide us with the flexibility needed to meet your changing needs.

Selected Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Through-hole and mixed technology manufacturing
  • Double-sided assemblies
  • Flexible printed circuit board assemblies
  • Components up to 55mm square, 25mm tall and down to 01005
  • BGA placement
  • Automated optical inspection
  • X-ray imaging system
  • Automated selective soldering
  • Automated conformal coating
  • Any volume, mix and complexity
  • In-circuit and functional tests
  • Microcontroller programming


ebw electronics