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Global Supply Chain Management

Our global supply base is one of our greatest strengths, and we excel at providing a full turnkey operation for your products. Our team is led by supply chain professionals that determine the best strategic procurement, logistics, and scheduling to give you exceptional cost, service, and quality.

We have built a diverse network of long-term relationships with suppliers with proven records of success. Our network is not limited to electronics, and includes world-class suppliers of metals, plastics, and services.

The world of electronics can seem complicated and carries risk of long lead times for components. At EBWE, we mitigate this risk by constant evaluation of the market and communication with our suppliers. Our suppliers receive forecasts weekly, loaded with 26 weeks of data that empowers them to plan and ensure you will have the material for your products, when you need them.

When you work with EBWE, you will get a dedicated Master Scheduler. The Master Scheduler is responsible for the daily scheduling of the materials and plant operations to build your product. When you contact them for status or an expedite, they will know the status of the supply chain and are best suited to give you a prompt answer. Not only is this lean and efficient, our team intimately understands your perspective as a customer.

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Global Electronics Manufacturing EBWE navigates the global supply chain by vetting vendors for quality, availability and workforce environment.
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