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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Pioneer

EBW Electronics was founded in 1992 by Leo LeBlanc with the sole purpose of supplying electronic products to its parent company, EBW (formerly known as Enterprise Brass Works). EBW engineered and manufactured valves and fittings for petroleum-service stations, as well as products for above-ground tanks and petroleum containing tanker trucks. EBW Electronics designed and manufactured an electronic overfill sensor for tanker trucks and a standalone electronic storage tank monitor used at service stations, for EBW.

In 2001, EBW was sold to a publicly traded company. EBW Electronics was not part of the sale and remained a family-owned business. Having lost their only customer, EBW Electronics had an acute need to diversify.

EBW Electronics began specializing in the design and manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies for the lighting industry. Initially we had a proprietary line of electronic ballasts and then we became one of the early adopters of printed circuit boards containing light-emitting diodes (LED). EBW Electronics’ circuit boards have become very sophisticated, and so has our manufacturing facility. From very humble beginnings, to a highly automated and highly productive manufacturing facility, EBW Electronics is very proud of our history.

With continued growth and improvement, EBW Electronics was named one of the Top 50 Companies to Watch in Michigan in 2007. In 2013, Inc. Magazine recognized EBW Electronics for our rapid growth. According to this publication, EBW Electronics was the 8th fastest growing privately-held company in all of Michigan during the period from 2009 to 2012. EBW Electronics experienced a revenue growth of 675% in that three-year period. In ranking manufacturing companies, EBW Electronics was identified as the fastest growing company not only in Michigan, but the entire Midwest (Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin). At EBW Electronics, we continue to expand our capabilities while receiving quality endorsements from a number of major corporations in the automotive and office-furnishing industries.

In 2015, Chairman Pat LeBlanc was named Michigan Small Business Person of The Year by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Not only are we proud of our growth at EBW Electronics, we are also proud of the family-like atmosphere among our workforce that has remained unchanged since 1992.

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